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The most pervasive and difficult-to-control weather element threatening your roof is water.

Made from durable, low-maintenance materials, Klauer flashing options help mitigate the risk of water damage to susceptible areas like roof valleys, chimneys, eaves, skylights, ridges and more. Extend the life of your roof while giving your home a great finishing touch.

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Roof Edge
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Formed & Roll Valley
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Flashing for Any Application

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First Line of Defense Against a Leaky Roof

Offering products produced from the highest-quality materials available, Klauer brings you the most complete line of residential flashing products in the industry. 

Available Collections with painted finishes include the Klauer Classic series available in steel and aluminum, Klauer Select series available in aluminum and Klauer Traditional Building Products series available in steel. These polyester paint systems are scratch and stain-resistant, providing years of maintenance-free performance and come with a 40-year warranty. 

Our extensive assortment of products includes both bare and painted aluminum and galvanized steel. Both aluminum and steel substrates are offered in several thicknesses to meet specific markets and applications’ needs. 

For the past 150 years, Klauer has been a leading and innovative manufacturer of flashing products serving customers throughout the U.S.

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