Keep your home healthy by directing water away from your home's foundation, siding, windows and doors.

A healthy home is not only good for your health but for your wallet, too. Klauer offers a number of gutter, downspout and accessory options that complement our full line of products. Our steel and aluminum substrates and best-in-class paint finishes have been carefully chosen to provide the highest-quality products in the market today.

White painted coil on its side
Gutter Coil & Formed Gutter
  • Gutter Coil - .032 Aluminum and .015 Steel
  • 11-7/8" (5") Gutter Coil
  • 15" (6") Gutter Coil
  • Formed Gutter in Steel Only
Kristen Igo 17503 0196 F
Accessories & Fittings
  • Downspout (10') in Steel and Aluminum
  • 2x3 Downspout
  • 3x3 Downspout
  • 3x4 Downspout
  • 4x5 Downspout (Steel Only)
  • Elbows: 2"x3", 3"x3", 3"x4", 4"x5" (Steel Only)
  • Miters & End Caps
Specialty Rainware
  • Gutter Cover
  • Universal Steel Clincher Bands
  • Various Hangers

Keeping Your Home's Exterior Fresh and Clean

Klauer Rainware Collection includes 65 popular colors that complement any building project. Twenty-two Klauer Classic colors, available in steel and aluminum, coincide with Klauer Steel Siding and Soffit products. 

Klauer Classic Series is formulated with a proprietary high-durability resin for resistance to chalking and fading. These superior polyester paints, with precision nylon-particle additives, enhance the finish with a warm, low-gloss texture and duplicates Klauer steel siding finish and color options. 

Klauer Select Aluminum Series is formulated with the same high-durability resin for resistance to chalking and fading as well as exceptional resistance to sun, rain, and other natural elements and comes in 15 colors. 

The Traditional Building Products Series of 28 colors is commonly used in both residential and commercial applications. These polyester paint systems are scratch and stain resistant providing years of maintenance-free performance and are of the highest quality available in the industry.

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