Trim Windows With Metal Siding

How To Trim Windows With Metal Siding for Proper Insulation and Performance

Siding and trim are the blanket of a building, protecting it from the harsh elements while simultaneously reflecting a home’s style, character and charisma. When dealing with residential steel siding, you need to ensure you are trimming your windows correctly around the metal lap siding.

Below are some tips, tricks and how-tos for contractors trimming windows while installing steel siding. By the end, you’ll be able to perfectly trim your clients’ windows to allow their steel lap siding to shine.

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Know Your Window Trim Codes

Depending on your geographical region, building codes can vary and may affect how you trim out your windows. Before you begin working on a particular project, you should check the area’s codes and make sure you are following the standards set for local policies and climates. 

How To Trim Windows

(If you are already an expert at installing window trim and want to know the specifics on installing Klauer window trim, click here.)

1. Measure Windows Accurately

Once you have accurate measurements and dimensions, you can now trim out the perimeter of the windows. 

2. Cut Trim

You should use a piece of J‑channel for the trim. Start with the side pieces. It’s smart to use the factory cut ends for the side pieces because the top of them is finished for a clean final look. 

For marking reveals, you should use a combination square. You could also use a compass to scribe the marks, or simply measure them yourself and mark the reveals. 

3. Bottom Trim

Clean up the ends and square them around. You are going to do something similar to the bottom trim as you did your side trim, but it includes a little metal trick. 

4. Install the Trim

Make sure to use some silicone caulk around the perimeter of the window, starting with the bottom. Push your bottom trim up into your bead of caulk to create a tight seal. 

Repeat the caulking on the side, and run a bead overlapping the bottom trim and going outward to ensure water will run out and not into the window. 

5. Install the Steel Siding

You’ve installed your steel siding up to the window, now it’s time to measure it up to the J‑channel from the sides, bottom, and to the top. To be tight to the top of the window, add a little extra siding.

Align your siding to the window frame and nail it in on both sides. Now it’s time to add the top J‑channel.

6. Top Trim

Now that you’ve cut and installed several other pieces of trim, double check your measurements to ensure the top trim is the correct size. And be sure to add caulk underneath the protruding trim to make sure no water leaks in. 

Now you have a perfectly trimmed window.

For Specific Instructions Check Out Our Installation Manual

Choose High-Quality Trim

Properly trimmed windows are easy from the get-go to achieve with high-quality trims. Klauer’s trim profiles are produced from true-gauge galvanized steel to meet industry-leading strength and durability requirements and are finished with two-coat siliconized polyester paint with a 40-year warranty.

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Klauer trim profiles have hemmed edges to provide extra rigidity, eliminate corrosion due to exposed edges, and provide safety during handling and installation.

Not only will this high-quality trim protect your home from the elements, but it will also help you achieve the exact look of your dream house with its hundreds of profiles in standard and specialized shapes and 18 different panel colors. They are a great match for Klauer’s residential steel siding, and available in all 33 steel siding color options.

Klauer steel siding is made from the finest materials to ensure the most dependable siding available in the industry today. Our steel siding is more durable than vinyl, aluminum, wood or fiber cement. Klauer steel siding is tough because it’s made of heavy-gauge steel and is finished with a durable, long-lasting coating that resists cracking, peeling, flaking, blistering, chipping, fading and so much more.

Want to learn more about Klauer and our building solutions? Check out Klauer’s Steel Siding page and find out more about contractors in your area.

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