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Maintenance Tips for Steel Siding

You’ve made the excellent choice in selecting steel siding for your home’s exterior, and you get to reap all of the steel siding benefits that come along with it. And easy steel siding maintenance is one of the most prioritized benefits. 

Below are some of the most actionable tips for maintenance that you can enact moving forward. We’ll give you insight into steel siding cleaning so you can feel confident in your consideration of one of the most durable, long-lasting exterior solutions. 

Steel Siding Maintenance


Cleaning Steel Siding

Steel siding can and should be cleaned approximately once a year. The best time of year to clean your steel siding is either the spring or the summer because the weather most often cooperates. A rag works fine, but scrub brushes with long handles for hard-to-reach places can be ideal for heavy cleaning. Nylon is a great option that won’t leave any scratches.

You won’t need any special cleaning agents or extra equipment. A mild detergent and bucket of water will do just fine. While cleaning it with a pressure washer is great for heavy grime, you can get by with a regular garden hose at any temperature for normal maintenance. Make sure you rinse it completely to avoid any soap spots.

Painting Steel Siding

There isn’t much need for painting your steel siding, especially in comparison to other siding materials. It’s important to note that painting over the original steel siding can compromise the original finish — so make sure you originally select a color that you’ll love for years to come.

However, it’s vital to check for blemishes, scratches or discolorations during yearly maintenance checks and after any storms to ensure the longevity of your steel siding. If the scratch is deep enough, it could risk rusting. If you happen to find any blemishes, you can paint over them to seal them. Just make sure you are using a gloss paint to match the finish of the rest of the siding.

Steel Siding Cleaning


Steel Siding Needs to Breathe

Don’t forget, steel siding thrives best when it has room to breathe. Trim your shrubbery to keep it from rubbing against your siding, and clean off mulch and dirt when it gets on the siding.

Surface dirt that is dry is not really harmful to steel siding, as long as it’s washed off as soon you notice it. Did you have a windy weekend? It may be beneficial to peek at your siding to see if it’s covered in dirt.

Maintenance in Winter

The great thing about steel siding is that there aren’t any particular precautions or preparations you need to take in the winter. With some materials, you may need to winterize your exterior siding with caulk or waterproofing materials.

With steel, freezing rain and snow will not cause a problem, as they will just thaw and drain right off the siding. Homeowners from Montana to Minnesota trust steel siding to help protect them from the ruthless Midwestern winters. 

Whether there are winter storms, high winds or freezing temperatures, you can feel protected and enjoy energy-efficient power bills and comfortable interior temperatures during seasonal changes. No extra maintenance is required.

What To Do if There Is Major Debris or Damage

If you are doing one of your daily walks through your yard with a steaming cup of joe and a newspaper on your hip and you notice major damage to your siding, our best tip is to contact a siding professional.

A professional can accurately assess the damage and suggest the most efficient ways to repair it. No need to get worked up over it, just call an expert. If they see that your steel siding panels are damaged so severely that bare steel is exposed, they’ll probably tell you replacing the affected panels is the best course of action.

If the panels are in place but you do notice large scratches, you must prime and paint over them quickly before rust appears.

Easy Steel Siding Maintenance


Maintenance Is NOT Needed When Choosing Steel Siding

Real wood siding must be stained every 2 – 3 years or repainted every 4 – 5 years, and it is susceptible to damage from pests and water. Stucco siding is brittle, meaning you may need to patch holes often. With steel siding, almost no extra maintenance is required.

Steel siding is fire-resistant, pest-resistant and decay-resistant. It keeps your home comfortable in both the winter and the summer if you add a layer of insulation underneath, and unlike some other types of siding material without factory applied paint, it does not quickly fade in the sun or become chalky.

Regular scraping, painting and re-caulking joints and edges are unneeded maintenance acts when you have steel siding. You get to enjoy your weekend, worry-free. 

Klauer’s Steel Siding Solutions for Easy Maintenance

Thanks to its superior durability, steel siding can last up to 50 years or more. You can extend the longevity of your steel siding by implementing these maintenance tips. You can also choose a reputable supplier with high-quality manufacturing processes, like Klauer. 

Klauer Manufacturing offers you the highest level of protection for your family with a price point that works with your budget. Available in multiple profiles, colors and siding types (seamless and boxed) with accessories to match, your Klauer Steel Siding is backed by a no-rust, ‑crack, ‑blister, ‑chip, ‑peel, ‑flake or ‑fade warranty.

Klauer’s limited lifetime warranty covers normal weather wear and tear such as cracks, blisters, flaking and hail protection. Our siding holds up against the most extreme weather conditions, offers you gorgeous curb appeal and of course, offers you maintenance-free weekends. Choosing Klauer means choosing high-quality and high-performance, but not high maintenance. 

Check out Klauer’s Steel Siding page and find out more about contractors in your area so you can confidently purchase one of the most durable and maintenance-free siding options on the market. 

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