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Steel Siding 101: Why You Should Choose Boxed Steel Siding

If your home’s exterior needs a facelift, replacing aged or damaged siding can fulfill the curb appeal vision you’re looking for. Residential steel siding is quickly becoming a popular choice for homeowners thanks to its durability, low maintenance requirements and customization. But which of the myriad of steel siding options is right for you? If you’re looking for flexibility and versatility, boxed steel siding remains the most popular choice, among many other benefits and features.

Why You Should Choose Boxed Steel Siding

A newly constructed home in Rochester, Minnesota featuring six-inch horizontal boxed steel siding, designed by Klauer. Source

What Makes Boxed Steel Siding Unique?

Steel siding has been revolutionized since it was first introduced as an alternative to wood siding more than 100 years ago. Siding is a major consideration when it comes to the curb appeal of your home, and boxed steel siding is a reliable choice due to its many practical benefits and unique features. 

While there is an increased upfront cost, the overall lifetime cost of residential steel siding averages out to be affordable compared to other siding materials, thanks to its long life and low maintenance. Being a recyclable and eco-friendly material, boxed steel siding is a perfect choice for sustainable homes. And its durability makes it suitable for nearly every climate. 

The Benefits of Boxed Steel Siding

Boxed steel siding is one of the best options out there for residential exteriors for many reasons, not least of all for its versatility and durability, among other benefits. 

These other benefits include more contractors to choose from, as more professionals work with boxed steel siding than seamless steel siding. Why? Because it uses smaller, pre-formed and packaged panels, it’s easier to work with, which means it requires less labor.

The Benefits of Boxed Steel Siding

A Klauer-designed home in Fargo, North Dakota. Source


Steel is one of the toughest materials on the market. Compared to most other siding materials such as vinyl, stone and other metals, steel is much less prone to dents, bumps and dings. Boxed steel siding is heavy and thick, holding up well against extreme weather, as well as being resistant to fire, mold, fungus and pests. 

The initial cost of installation and labor can be pricey, however, boxed steel siding is so long-lasting and low maintenance it often pays for itself in the long run, making it a worthy investment. If a panel does manage to get damaged, repair is as easy as removing the damaged panel and replacing it with a new one. And because it doesn’t fade like other types of siding materials, you don’t have to worry about the new panel color not matching the rest of the home.

In a nutshell, boxed steel siding is highly resistant to warping, excessive heat or fading.

Easy Maintenance

All steel sidings, including boxed steel siding, typically only need a couple of simple washes a year to maintain freshness and look like new — that’s it! Boxed steel siding does not require regular caulking, staining, priming or painting as part of its yearly maintenance. 

Normal repairs (such as small scratches) are easy and usually can be handled by the homeowner themselves without professional assistance. If you do get deep scratches that go through the paint, it’s best to have the panels replaced. However, steel siding can easily be repainted.

With normal maintenance, steel siding can last fifty years or more because of its durability and longevity.

Although boxed steel is thick and a naturally good insulator, if you live in a hot climate such as the Southwest, you will likely need additional insulation to help the boxed steel siding exterior reflect heat.


Steel is a recyclable material which makes it an excellent option for sustainable and environmentally-friendly homes. Boxed steel siding’s lack of needing regular repainting and re-staining also means less damage to the environment.

Plenty of Styles Available

Boxed steel siding comes in several different profile styles and widths, for a dynamic design. For instance, Klauer’s boxed steel siding is available in six popular profiles, three different finishes and an extensive range of colors meeting modern tastes for both rural and urban settings. 

With so many options available, every homeowner will be able to find a style that suits your home’s aesthetic.

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