Klauer A Brand Built on Reliability

Klauer: A Brand Built on Reliability

The History of Klauer
The History of Klauer

About Klauer

Reliability is a virtue that is demonstrated through consistency. If you look at our product line and company history at Klauer, you’ll find Klauer to be synonymous with reliability. 

From our 152-year history and our high-performing steel siding products to our dependable supply chain and manufacturing practices, we have dedicated ourselves to being a reliable partner for our customers. Explore the beginning of our story, our triumphs, the greatest challenges we’ve overcome and our plans for the future.

The History of Klauer

Since the late 1800s, steel has been at the core of what we do. For over 150 years Klauer has been innovating sheet metal building products, originally manufacturing flashing, rain carrying equipment, decorative cornice and roof tiles as well as tin ceilings and ventilation products. Our uncompromising standards and commitment to quality products have sustained Klauer for over five generations. Continual investment in our company has produced a solid foundation and steady growth. 

We have withstood the most difficult of economic times by putting people first. Our long-standing relationships with our steel and aluminum mill partners has been a key component to maintaining consistent supply to our loyal customers.

Our main products have shifted because we have, and will continue to, work with our customers and industry leaders to develop products that meet the ever-changing needs and demands of our industry. We innovate and move forward with solutions that will make our customers’ lives easier and more profitable.

We keep up to date with industry changes and stay connected to contractors doing the work to protect our homes. Take for example our roll-forming technology. We were the first manufacturer to roll form pre-painted flashing products in the early 1900s. 

We’ve always been at the forefront. We’ve been working with paint companies to develop coating systems that perform to individual applications of various products since the beginning. Our innovative manufacturing and packaging processes improve quality and user experiences, from distribution partners to applicators.

Even through multiple periods of supply chain disruptions, we have honored our commitments by ensuring multiple supply lines. We have supplied products for war efforts, stayed afloat during steel shortages in 2004 and 2008 and survived COVID-19. Our strategic approach and inventory position enabled us to keep customers supplied, unlike many of our competitors. 

Klauer’s Triumphs

Klauer’s Triumphs
Klauer’s Triumphs

Klauer Manufacturing Company Announces Expansion Considerations in Dubuque

Our greatest triumphs are, of course, our customers. We’ve been able to keep products moving at a fantastic rate, win over new customers and have received praise from our national customers. According to them, we’ve outperformed everyone else, especially over the last few years. Don’t believe us? Hear it from Doug Sloane, the Director of Product Management at PrimeSource Building Products.

Klauer’s reliability is a key driver in our growing strategic partnership with them. Klauer provides excellent and consistent service to our sourcing team. They take the time to understand our operational structure and how best to work within that structure. Klauer’s sales team is always there for our commercial team when we need them.”

But Director Sloane didn’t stop there — he praised us for our commitment to the promises we make and our reliability as a top partner.

Ultimately, we hold Klauer in high regard because the entire company sticks to their commitments, delivers a fantastic product offering with consistent lead times and first-class support, and makes it a chief priority to fix any and all issues in a timely manner. PrimeSource is a better company by having Klauer as a strong partner.”

In early 2022, we also announced an expansion of our Dubuque, IA plant to accommodate our growth. We are investing over $13 million in building construction and manufacturing equipment, expanding the existing building by 73,000 square feet. 

This allows us to increase our capacity of existing product lines for current and prospective customers. This extra space will ensure we can efficiently keep up our lead-time goals through our peak building season cycles.

Klauer’s Biggest Challenges

Klauer’s Biggest Challenges
Klauer’s Biggest Challenges

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Just like any other company, we’ve had our fair share of challenges at Klauer. The availability of labor is a common problem across numerous industries due to the pandemic. So with that, we’ve been focusing on investments in robotics. Research and development efforts have increased exponentially over the last few years to develop automated processes to reduce the labor and physical strain on our employees.

Over the next few years, we envision labor will continue to be a challenge and a priority. We’ve recently commissioned several new robots in our manufacturing and packaging facilities. We’re focusing on new material handling equipment and ergonomic improvements designed to improve the user experience. 

As a part of our human resources recruiting and retention efforts, we’re creating new employee break rooms, employee locker rooms, lavish amenities and improved hot weather air flow systems. 

However, despite the labor challenges, we’ve continued to always put our customers first. 

Daniel Frankle, the Regional Manager of Gannon Roofing Supply said, Klauer Manufacturing has been a great partner of ours for many years. Throughout the past 2+ years where the majority of manufacturers have failed to keep up with demand, either through their supplier channels or otherwise, Klauer never skipped a beat. Definitely a shining star on a dark night!”

Klauer’s Plans for the Future

Here at Klauer, we have profound goals for the future. New and improved product lines will allow us to keep up with growing demand, maintain lead times, stay sustainable and lessen our need for labor through newly automated processes. 

We have plans for a new coil slitting line, a new 16-inch soffit line, a retooled 12-inch soffit line, a new automated roll valley line and several new flashing lines covering dozens of reliable products. 

Tom Voight, Director of Supply Chain at Beacon said Klauer sets the industry standard for the dependability of service and reliability of products. Beacon is proud to include Klauer in our product portfolio.”

Get a Partnership Built To Last With Klauer

Klauer’s Plans for the Future

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When you partner with our team at Klauer, you get a reliable partner for life. Check out Klauer’s complete product offerings, or contact us today to learn more about how we can build a partnership that will stand the test of time. 

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